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Finally profits!

Finally the trading resumed to normal after a difficult 2018 (with zero profit) and we could book this year ca. 7.5% profits. Also the new algo could contribute something to the gain. Now all pairs (except EURUSD) are progressing to good profitability. With a calming economic environment (but we can't rule out further turbulences) we are on track to a nice future return on invest.

At the moment myfxbook shows a profit of 6.69%, but in reality it is 7.5%. What has happened? The 12.12. our broker FxOpen booked a trade wrong, i.e. they booked a loss of 250$ that didn't happen. The money was refunded promptly, but on the account of Now we will distribute that money to all token holders. So soon all token holders will receive $0.13/token in Ether. We will send them to the wallet where your ALGOs are.

We are always evaluating new algorithms and develop new ones, the future lies in automatic trading! We are looking forward to a profitable year 2019!

Best Regards

Eddi Salm & Team

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